Healthy ageing: Creating the environment & opportunities

Healthy Ageing is about creating the “environment and opportunities” that enable people to be and do what they value throughout their lives. Mr. Rajiv currently living in Singapore has a wish for his parents back in India, he explains- “both my parents who are otherwise independent (elderly 91 & 82 yrs old) need attention, regard, respect, love … Continue reading Healthy ageing: Creating the environment & opportunities

Familial caregiver burnout

When caregiving leaves you completely exhausted – physically, emotionally and mentally, psychologists call it caregiver burnout. Caregiving takes a toll on the familial caregiver When an sick relative is completely dependent on a family member for Activities of Daily Living; the familial caregiver may find their role daunting. Chances are that he doesn’t have special … Continue reading Familial caregiver burnout

Alzheimer’s- “One day at a time!”

Mrs. Murti Agarwal, 74 years old, started developing Alzheimer’s around 2 years back, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. Mr. V. K. Agarwal, patient’s spouse explains, “It is difficult to manage Mrs. Agarwal; she does not remember anyone, someone has to be around her all the time, she … Continue reading Alzheimer’s- “One day at a time!”

Convocation and Excellence Awards for Geriatric Caregivers

Life Circle held convocation for its first batch of Geriatric Caregivers. They also gave away Annual Caregiver Excellence Awards this month, at T-Hub.  Why we celebrate Caregiver performance? Caregiving for seniors is a tough job that requires skills, compassion and willingness to work hard. In the face of difficulties faced by most of the seniors they … Continue reading Convocation and Excellence Awards for Geriatric Caregivers

Guillain–Barré syndrome

Asha, a 28 year old’s life suddenly changed when one fine day she had a sudden and unexpected onset of Guillain–Barré syndrome which is a rare medical condition that affects the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. It can be frightening because it often causes people to have weakness or even paralysis in parts … Continue reading Guillain–Barré syndrome

Helping a parent who is in denial about care needs

Many seniors rare in denial about their care needs. Therefore, their families often experience anger, helplessness and guilt while helping their loved one cope with frailty, loss of function that comes with old age. Sreekala is a full-time chemistry lecturer. She juggles many roles and is a familial caregiver to her mother-in-law Saraswatamma, 82 years.   Saraswatamma’s … Continue reading Helping a parent who is in denial about care needs

Preventing Falls among Seniors

Mrs.Kamla Tiwari, 79 years old, had a fall, a femur fracture due to which she could not walk properly. Mrs. Rajni Tiwari, patient’s daughter-in-law recollects how her mother-in-law’s recurrent episode of falls were a constant source of fear for the family. With the hope to prevent such traumatic episodes and provide good care to the … Continue reading Preventing Falls among Seniors

At the end of reasons comes “Persuasion”

Mrs. Anamika Khurana* suffered from brain hemorrhage in the month of November, 2017.  Mr. Khurana, her husband gauged the need of availing professional help; upon some contemplation he decided to avail services from Life Circle. The patient needed help with activities of daily living (ADLs). Hemorrhage had left her paralyzed limiting her movements. The patient, … Continue reading At the end of reasons comes “Persuasion”

Caring for bedridden seniors

When a senior suddenly becomes bedridden, the family members are often overwhelmed by  how to assist the senior to perform all their activities of daily living in bed. The senior requires round-the-clock attention which requires a lot of coping for the family members. When Mrs. Prafulla Mukhi became temporarily bedridden after developing an infection in … Continue reading Caring for bedridden seniors