Caretaker for Patient at Home in Bangalore

At Life Circle, we are dedicated to providing The Best Caretaker for Patient at Home in Bangalore. Our experienced professionals are skilled and trained to offer top-quality nursing Care at home. Life Circle provides excellent one-one service to patients in Bangalore. From 12 hours a day to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, etc. We Carefully select our caregivers depending on the condition of the patient and they go through comprehensive screening (reference check, criminal background verification) before an appointment to meet our standards of customer service excellence.

Services Offered By Our Caretaker for Patient at Home in Bangalore

Our caregivers are experienced enough to help the elders and bedridden patients. On the basis of the tasks you would like the caregiver to perform, your care plan will be decided. Our skilled caregivers are trained to be sensitive to the needs of the seniors. Here are a few services offered by our Caregivers.

  • Emotional support
  • Providing timely meals as per diet plan
  • Giving proper medications
  • Keeping a record of important health vitals such as blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar level, etc.
  • Assistance in mobility while walking, sleeping or climbing up and down stairs, etc.
  • Assisting in toileting, bathing, or dressing
  • Changing diapers or wiping off the baby
  • Assisting with appointments and traveling

How Can We Help?

we offer highly experienced professionals for Healthcare at Home. Our caregivers are skilled and qualified to provide the right care. They offer help with Insulin Administration, Tracheostomy Care, Oxygen administration, toilet assistance, bedsores, and physiotherapy exercises. Our Best elderly Care services are the best way to ease your worries.

 About Life Circle Health Care Services Pvt Ltd

Life Circle Health Services Pvt Ltd is located in Bangalore. We are a leading Homecare Services provider in Hyderabad. Our caregivers have gone through strict background verification and are registered with the local police for your security concerns. Get Patient Care Services in Delhi at extremely affordable prices. Get specialized consultation with our Nursing Officers. Heal quickly in the comfort of your own home and let our experts do the work for you. Contact us to book an appointment today! We offer both part-time and 24 hours services.