In 2003, he had a stroke and was admitted at the Gangaram hospital for 10 days. He returned home post hospitalization with a limp. The limp never went away. One night in January 2012, he was trying to get off the bed and fell down. He had to undergo a hip replacement surgery post the fall. After the surgery he could walk only with the help of a walker and some support. His condition deteriorated as the years passed by, he became bedridden in January 2017. This is when the family decided to avail professional help from Life Circle.

Magical hands!!

Mrs. Khanna, Mr. Khanna’s wife recollects while narrating the events; Saheb (she refers to her husband) was very fond of travelling; he took us to so many places, London, New York, Brazil, Hong Kong, to name a few. We used to go on cruises, visited so many hill stations. She gets a little upset and says my daughter tells her children, grandpa took us here, he took us there… it’s a pity he can’t take the grandchildren anywhere.

Mr. Khanna’s love for reading: Newspapers and book beside him

Mrs. Khanna took care of her husband for 5 years but when here was need of catheter care, she decided that she must seek professional help. Santosh, a young caregiver from Life Circle works closely under the supervision of nurse manager to provide care for the elderly. He moves the patient regularly to prevent bed sores, makes sure the bed sheet is clean and changes it immediately in case it is soiled. He makes the patient comfortable and ensures his wellbeing at all times.

The duo eliminate boredom with reading materials such as newspapers, watching Mr. Khanna’s favorite TV show- the Kapil Sharma show, playing cards and having good conversation that lights up Mr. Khanna’s mood.

Mr. Khanna exclaims during the conversation- Santosh is very nice, jadoo ke haath hain iske (he has magical hands)!!

About the caregiver

Santosh hails from a small village in Bihar. He has 4 elder brothers and a sister. All are married and have children. Santosh’s father lives with his elder brother who has a family to look after, his brother is not able to extend any financial help to his parents. Santosh saves around 4000 rupees every month from his earnings and sends it to his father’s account. He is happy that his father is able to buy medicines and the basic grocery for the household.

Santosh likes the caregiving profession because he gets to serve the elderly. He says he gets a lot to learn, he is content.

Having an elderly person at home who is bedridden is a huge responsibility and it can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally. The most important thing when caring for a bedridden elderly person is to be loving. Home-based elderly care for bedridden needs round-the-clock care; for preserving the quality of life of the elderly and peace and mind of the family, seeking professional care can be helpful!

*Names have been changed upon request.

About the author

Aparajita, has a background in dentistry and has done a Masters in Public health from the EHESP- French school of public health. She has worked at organizations such as WHO(Geneva), URC- Eco(Paris), HandsOn Suburban Chicago & NWSRA(Chicago). Now she is working at Life Circle as the care coordination officer. She believes it’s best when career and passion come together. Her vision to bring some grass- roots level change through organized efforts gives her the drive to work. In her spare time, she loves moving around the city, exploring new places and making memories.

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