Multi-morbidity in elderly may lead to disability. Elderly population suffering from many diseases at the same time affects their physical and psychological well being. Providing Geriatric health care services to elderly is the need of the hour. There are a number of Morbidity conditions identified in elderly population. A few of those are hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, constipation, cataracts, hearing loss, pain/swelling of joints, limitation of movement, indigestion / heart bum, backache, breathlessness, giddiness / fainting, frequency/urgency, change in bowel habits and blurring of vision. Occurrence of such Morbid conditions increases the risk of disability like hearing loss, loss of eyesight, limited movement due to partial or full paralysis of the body etc.

Geriatric care involves preventing and detecting severe illnesses at an early stage and inhibit deterioration of an existing health condition. Existing medical infrastructure in the form of medical centers, nursing homes, care clinics etc cannot handle multi-morbidity. In such a situation home health care comes to the rescue. At Lifecircle, Hyderabad we train our home caretakers / caregivers to handle multiple aspects of Gariatric care to better the quality of life of elderly population.


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