Aiming for quality care

A majority of home attendants provided by nursing agencies fall short of basic skills that are required for elder services because of which the families that hire them are left with the task of training them. And this can cause tremendous strain on the family members especially the primary family caregiver(s).

However, the team at Life Circle Senior Services, a home nursing care provider, stand apart. They do a thorough homework before sending any home attendant.

A great deal of effort is spent on training and briefing the home attendants before they are sent on any assignment. The spadework is done behind the scenes with a Life Circle Nurse officer taking the lead.  He or she not only monitors the work of the home attendant but also ensures that a home nursing care regimen is in place and there are no shortcomings. The patient’s health is continually monitored.

Role of a Nurse Officer

Life Circle Senior Services provides customized home care services. The elderly patient’s health condition and the level of care that is required are recorded. A certified nursing assistant who is competent enough to handle the elderly patient and the patient’s health condition is then put on duty.

The nurse officer’s job profile includes setting up a Patient Care Plan and this includes the medication schedule, meals’ schedule, massage sessions, recreation periods, and chalking out a daily routine. He or she has to make periodic visits to the home of the elderly patient and monitor the patient’s vitals. As part of monitoring the work of the home attendant, regular feedback is collected from the family of the patient.  In this way, Life Circle Senior Services ensures the best possible home care is imparted.

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