Client Services Testimonials of Life Circle Health Services


Great team to end your search for your parents's companion in their recovery time. Had excellent experience with Services of Prabhakar Sharma wherein he is always ready to listen to our concern and requirements and provide help accordingly. Anita was taking care of My mother like her parents which makes recovery faster!!! One stop for anyone's medical equipment and caretaker requirements. Worth to mention, they work as team, understand patient's requirement, condition and train their attendant accordingly and keep a check on their health time and time. A BIG THANK to the team for making this critical process easy and smooth for us.

Poonam Virk


Had a great experience with this agency for the last one year. The team is professional and helpful. Over the period of one year, we had 4 different attendants for my elderly buaji and all of them were good and knew their work well. I would easily recommend Life Circle to anyone looking for an attendant or nurse for their loved one.

Paresh Mandhyan


We engaged Life circle home caregivers for my mother since February 2021.We were given uninterrupted services with replacements given before the departure of a caregiver. All caregivers are well trained.They have all done very good service to mother.i wish them great future

J S Murthy

dementia patient

I am using the services of life circle senior services for the last one year for my mother who is a dementia patient, and I have found that the agency is very prompt in sending req type of care giver and also take the trouble to change in case the provided care giver is not to our expectations. My mother is very happy with the care giver and so are we. Our experience with the agency has improved after ms Arti Sharma has taken over. She is a very pleasent person who is very sincere and committed. All the care givers whom we have had so far were very quick in learning the requirement of the patient and have worked to our satisfaction and also mingle with the family without any problem which is a blessing. Thank you Arti for all the personal touch you give and also for your time and patience. I highly recommend this agency for patient care .

anu s

Patient care

Life Circle provides seamless services. They are transparent in their processes and services. The staff is also very helping. Great services. The caregiver did a good job. She totally reflects as being experienced to manage patient care. Exhibits patience and right attitude which is required for the job.

Deepti Sinha


We are connected with life circle Chanda Nagar since 1 year. It is a very good agency with good hospitality and the caregivers are well trained and take care of patient with good conduct and also the agent Ankita borekar is such a nice person we are well satisfied with her service and behavior with my parents

Ayesha Fatima


Thank you very much Lifecircle for providing us a competent and cheerful GDA to help us look after my mother. She is a pillar of support to us and my mother is very happy with her services. A special mention of Mr Alsaba who is prompt in response to all queries and always has good solutions. I would highly recommend Lifecircle as they provide prompt excellent services during the stressful times of our lives.

Suparna Chowdhury


My mother suffers from Parkinson’s and she was admitted in a hospital due to some complications in Jan 2022. We needed some one urgently to help us out when she came back from the hospital . My mother needed help in terms of walking , going to the rest room , bathing . Additionally we needed someone who can give all her medicines on time an ensure that all other medical directions in terms of taking fruits , protein drink is strictly followed . When she was released from hospital , we contacted Life Circle and they provided us Madhabi Behera as a nurse for my mother . The way Madhabi took care of my mother was exemplary. She ensured that all her medicines are given on time , fed her protein drinks and fruits etc at regular time intervals. She even helped her in morning walks , Physiotherapy and numerous other things. We are extremely thankful to Lifecircle and Madhabi for taking care of my mother in such circumstances.

Sidhartha Sinha

helping assistant

This is the 2nd time I am taking their service. First time for my mother 2 years ago and now for my father who underwent a surgery. I can say they are really good. Staff who's coming are really polite and helpful. In fact this time I have called them and asked for a helping assistant in the next 2 hrs as my father got admitted from emergency. Though it's against their policy to provide a person on the same day but they understood my emergency and they have sent a person after finishing some formalities. I can absolutely recommend life circle services with no hesitation.

krishna challa

well-trained caregivers

I've taken the services of Life Circle for the second time and I feel they have well-trained caregivers who have taken very good care of my mother-in-law. The placement and other needs are also well managed by the Nursing Manager Koteshwari. Thank you Life circle!

Lavanya Marata

care giving services

I have been using the care giving services for several years with my fathers hospitalisation due to chronic issues. Everytime i have found that life circle team and our local coordinator Kiran, get to action quickly and place appropriate caregivers. This time we had Krishna Das placed at my home for about 10 months. He has been excellent and demonstrated all qualities of good caregiver- patient, diligent, hardworking, methodical and respectful. I wish him the best for everything. Kiran the local nursing coordinator also provided good mentoring and training whenever necessary. A 5* to the life circle Team again!

Anusha C

Home Care

Very much satisfied with the service of Dhanalakshmi and Suresh. Thank you, Life Circle, for the immediate response and for providing the best home care support team for my parents.



Very prompt service. Highly Recommended Caretaker Vishwas and Dheeraj(manager). vishwas had all the patience in the world and was very hard-working, and Dheeraj for replacing a caretaker quickly when we weren't satisfied with the initial one.  

Mr. Rupesh Shukla


 I have contacted Life Circle. They have provided us with Alisha, the caretaker. She is perfect in her duties. Good manners and Well disciplined. The nurse Manager is visiting the patient twice a month and he has checked the vitals. It will useful for the patient. Thanks to the life circle team. 

Mr. Bhupender Kaur


We are very happy with the life circle's service. my wife was in bedridden condition. Really appreciate caregiver Geetha chukkpudo She has been extremely good behavior and taking good care. Mr.Kiran Nurse Manager like a family person. he does his regular visits. Thank you entire life circle Team.

Mr. Krishana Reddy

Nursing agency

Life circle Services is a very good nursing agency I knew it From my cousin Romana Alam about life circle caregiver Ragini she is good and looking after my aunt very good from their office nurse mgr Kiran Kumar is also very good and he is always in touch with me to find out how the girl is working anyways I like the people from life circle services are very good

Mr. Shahnaz khan

home nursing care

Excellent home nursing care: we are using their service from more than 2 years. Caregivers are well trained before sending and their supervisors monitor and help them to improve services on a regular basis Thank you so much for your services

Mr. Sridhar

Home Attendant

We have availed of the caregiving service from Life Circle. Mr. Pandu has provided us with a very good home attendant. Both Mr. Pandu and the attendant were very friendly, well-behaved, and attentive. All the services as promised were provided to us and were quite prompt in the same. I wish them good luck.

Mr. Murali


We have received service from Life Circle senior services. Aanchal Gedam who was the caretaker was very good and did the service according to our needs. She has given her best and was polite and obedient. We liked her service and look forward to receiving her service in the future. Regards Pranitha

Ms. Pranati Sengupta

Elderly Care Services

I Had A Very Good Experience With Care Givers and Team, for the replacements and queries we get a prompt response from them, Thank you life circle team for the best elderly care services provided for my father

Ms. Namrata

Nursing agency

Life circle Nursing agency is very good and service-oriented. Last month on 17th October nursing manager Mr.Dheeraj Varanasi gave a suitable caretaker jhili Rani to take care of me as I have undergone a knee replacement. I am aged 68 and my husband is 75 yrs old. Rani the caretaker provided excellent service in all accepts for my speedy recovery. She monitored BP and timely intake of medicines including injections. She has also assisted physiotherapist exercises and she took care of more than her own children. Thanks to life circle for providing such excellent and trained caretakers to take care of senior citizens. ..

Mr. DSN Murthy

Home Nursing Care

Life Circle has provided excellent home nursing care. Mr. Dheeraj Nursing manager has come for patient visits regularly and our caretaker Miss Jessi has taken good care of the patient. Her service has been remarkable. Life circle has responded very positively to our requests. Thanking life circle for the same.

Ms. Seema bhaskaran

home care attendant

We were seeking for home care attendant, Telugu speaking to look after my mother who has undergone a hip bone operation through Google search. Based on feedback, and rating, your entity was selected. B Kiran Kumar, the nurse manager, got in touch with us & arranged the attendant, but she was speaking only Hindi. After a few days, due to a personal medical emergency, she wanted to leave. As the entity is unable to get a Telugu-speaking replacement, Work wise she has done her job. Mr. Kiran Kumar was in constant touch with us & he has checked the parameters & reviewed the process from time to time.

Mr. SD.Padmanabhan

elder care service

I have been taking elder care service for the past three years, life circles has given me perfect professional experienced caregiver and they are very good and work-oriented and nurse manager Dheeraj was friendly with us and care giver Pushpa kumari was perfect in all accepts thanks for the support

Ms. Asifa Arjumand

Rehabilitation Center

She did a fabulous job. she worked at a rehabilitation center with proper care and again she worked at our residence with a lot of human touches. Even as family members we never with that kind .hence we must appreciate her kind work at our father. We never forget her kindness. Thank you life circle to provide us with Tabu

Ms. Sowbhagya

full-time caretaker services

We have been using full-time caretaker services from Life Circle for almost a year and we are happy with the home care services. The caretakers are professionally trained and the regular visits by their officer Kiran have ensured that the service levels are adhered to with the highest standards.

Mr. V Balram Raju

Home attendant from Life Circle

It has been a good experience so far. It's been a few weeks since we have had a home attendant from Life Circle helping and assisting my Mom. She is very sweet to my parents, very helpful, and patient with them. Happy with the services

Mr. Sunil kumar K

Home Attendant

Life circle has provided us with a very good home attendant for my dad and did a good job in taking care of my father ... Thank you and I hope they will continue to do so in future too

Mr. Sandeep

home nursing care

The home nursing care of life circle is very good and am very impressed with Mr.Pandu the way he approached me and provided good person. My family members also so happy with the service. All the best to team life circle

Mr. Suresh Mantha

Elderly Care Service

The elderly care service has been excellent, and the attendant provided (Gayatri Balwe) has been extremely well behaved and has taken very good care of my Mother-In-Law.

Mr. Ravindra Balwani


Very good service, cooperative staff. Life Circle rendered serivce to my mother who had knee replacement surgery, the assistance provided by Caretaker is really good. Thank you for all the support and care taken.

Ms. Sreedevi

Home Care Service

Very nice home care service provided. The manager DHEERAJ was very prompt and helpful. He used to visit randomly to cross verify if things are going on well and we shouldn't face any problems. His kind behavior was what made us go ahead with Life Circle leaving other service providers. Thank u Dheeraj. Overall a very good experience with Life Circle.

Mr. Sachin Jaiswal

elder care service

This elder care service was referred to us by my friend who had used the same for her aunt. When my mother-in-law was hospitalized with a heart problem we approached them. The response was immediate. The same day the nursing manager came to the hospital to access the patient and the same evening caregiver was assigned. They also take regular feedback from the patient as well as the family. The nursing manager comes on a regular basis for checking. On the whole, we were satisfied with their services

Ms. Saritha

services for elderly care

Utilized the home care services and found it very helpful. Strongly recommend it for those seeking services for elderly care.T HR Priyanka was very helpful in coordinating and addressing the concerns.

Mr. K.Rama


My mother is bed ridden since last 8yrs and whenever I needed help from life circle they never said no either for long term or short term. I think we cannot judge a ome attendant bad or good, it all depends whether that care taker will be fit for our patient or not. They are certain time certain care taker don't fit for us but they fit for some other patients. So it's not easy to find a right person, if we find also they keep changing. Similarly it's the same with the service provider some time they get good nurse/care taker, sometime they don't. So it's all about luck. However I am very much happy with the life circle services. They tried to provide the home care services within their best capabilities. I took their services couple of times for my mom and also recently we took services for my brother in law surgery - hospital assistance. Last but not the least Mr. Pandu Ramavath is my go to person for all the time. He ensured that client gets the best service. All the best to life circle and God bless you all ?

Ms. N. Manjula

home attendant

I had taken Life Circle's service for my aunt. Their service was very professional and good. The home attendant took complete care of my aunt and we are very much satisfied and happy with her service. Thank you so much Life Circle Team. Like

Mr. Subhacine Reuben

elderly caregiver

I urgently needed a person or elderly caregiver for my ailing mom. Life Circle were quick on their feet, and provided a caretaker in a matter of hours. The caretaker was excellent.. she was more of a daughter than a caretaker. Thank you!

Mr. Mark Theo

nurse coordinator

I would like to commend Mr. Dheeraj the nurse coordinator. He is prompt. Gives good services. I am very happy with the nursing agency Life services. They have been very understanding to us. I have taken two caretakers one for my mom-in-law and another for my dad-in-law. Thank you Life Services

Ms. Fatima

home attendants

My mother has had recurrent fractures - initially 3 years ago and now twice in the last 7 months. The home attendants Mamatha and Rosie have been amazing and have helped my mom to improve. Mamatha is very gentle, caring, sweet, and unsurpassable. We had another carer who wasn't that great but was replaced immediately on request. I have recommended the services to my patients as well as relatives. Kudos to the organization.


nursing assistant

Subhadra, the nursing assistant from team LifeCircle, has been an absolute blessing in disguise! She has been attending to our 85 year old grandmother suffering from memory loss with so much patience and honesty! Well trained in basic geriatric care; Our grandma has not had a single fall related injury since the time she’s arrived.. congratulations to LifeCircle for having such a wonderful team member on board! LifeCircle’s services are absolutely worth a try, would recommend to all those looking for geriatric home care services at home for their loved ones!

Ms. Kanchan Dulani

patient care

Mr. B Kiran Kumar has taken a lot of effort to ensure that the caretaker Ms. Rashmita is performing her duties satisfactorily. He regularly visits the patient to ensure that the care given to the patient is of the highest standard. During these visits he gives valuable tips to the caretaker towards the improvement of patient care Ms. Rashmita, the caretaker is a quiet, soft-spoken girl who has won the heart of her patient with her compassionate behavior and professional competence. She is dedicated, hard-working, and performs her duties cheerfully.

Mr. D.Banerjee

caretaker services

We have been using your caretaker services about last six months.Mr Kiran nurse manager is coordinating the placement and periodically checkups and performance of the home attendant regularly. give to unforeseen circumstances there have been five replacements which was handled by nurse manager well. Support from the life circle has been a good as for as supplying trained and we'll manner caretakers. they have been very honest, and disciplined, and accepted the job as for the requirements of the patient. we will certainly recommend life circle health services for requirements arising from our acquaintance.

Ms. Aditi

elderly care service

Extremely happy with the elderly care service. I needed substitute home attendant for fifteen days and was provided with a skilled, well mannered, and affectionate girl, Karishma, the Manager, Mr.Pandu has been extremely professional and punctual and provided a good link and between employer and attendant, also counseled and motivated the home attendant well. All medical history and the daily requirement were well logged and the attendant was accordingly advised. Keep up the good work, best wishes!

Ms. Vibha Hinduja


Good service by the organisation. Their caretakers are good and do their work with honesty and dedication. Nurse Manager Mr. Pandu is cordial and visits us twice in the month to check the virals. But I will recommend Life Circle.

Mr. Ashutosh Jha

home attendant

The home attendant is working to our utmost satisfaction. very attentive cooperative and takes good care. she is found to be obedient. Nurse manager during gets the vitals checkup and shows keen interest. managing both the help in their respective shifts. he is found to be very cooperative and his gets in necessary changes as an when required by suitable advising the staff under him

Mr. Shiv Shanker

home nursing care to the patient

Patient name Lalitha care giver byula rendered good home nursing care to the patient with dedication we wish them a better future. nurse manager visits were very helpful to us. thank you Life Circle

Mr. Raj Shekar

home care service

I was in need of a home care service lady for the sake of my old age mother. I got information from one of our relatives about Life Circle. Thus I got your information and taking help from Life Circle. You have allotted Care giver Kumari Gayathri Barsagade for the Service of my mother (Amruthamma)who is aged 95+years old. I (we) am(are) very much happy to say the her service to my mother is very good and devoted. She is taking care of my mother with utmost care and my mother is very happy. Further, your Nurse Manager Sri Kiran’s visits are helping very greatly for the Senior Services to my mother.

Mr. M Dutta

Nursing agency

I would like to commend Mr. Dheeraj the nurse coordinator. He is prompt. Gives good services. I am very happy with the Nursing agency Life Circle Senior Services. They have been very understanding to us. I have taken two caretakers one for my mom-in-law and another for my dad-in-law. Thank you Life Circle.

Ms. Rana Fatima

caregiving services

B Kiran, supervisor, and the company we are working with past year have been excellent. Good home care services are afforded by Lifestyle. Current caregiver Ramanna is excellent with our Father. Patient, compassionate and good caregiving services were extended by her. Willingness to learn and adapt to the job. She is an asset to the company. Supervisor also makes regular visits to our father twice a month to monitor his progress and health with basic medical follow-ups i.e. vitals Overall happy with Life circle as our father is

Ms. Diane Gay

24x7 home care assistance

We got their reference from a friend, looking for a 24x7 home care assistance for 82yrs patient mother in law, at her residence, very prompt response from the team, the same day we were provided with a Home attendant, since we are Bengali, we were provided with a Hindi speaking girl, Mr. Kiran, their Nurse Manager keeps taking care of all the issues, till now we are very much satisfied with their service, very professional and highly recommend, as we have had engaged a local service provider earlier.

Ms. Anita Kanilal

patient recovery

We are really happy with the home care services of Life Circle and our caretaker is very kind and she took care of my mother well. Nurse manager Mr. Dheeraj was really impressive and good to our family and he does his regular visits and checks the patient recovery term perfectly. Thanks for the support.

Mr. Khaled
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