Providing Home Health Care Services for Elderly in Hyderabad for chronically ill & bedridden seniors 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Homecare service in Hyderabad over an Old age home?

There might come a time in your life when you must decide as to whether you should opt for a home care service in Hyderabad for an ailing elderly loved one or old age.


We outline the benefits of the Homecare service in Hyderabad.

  • Seniors are more comfortable in their own homes due to their familiar surroundings and attachments to them.
  • Even in cases of advanced dementia where communication is not oral, the presence of a loved family member makes a lot of difference.
  • In a home care setting, the relationship between the caretaker and the senior can be one on one, customized, and supervised by a family member.
  • Seniors can remain active and independent, as they would have many activities that they are familiar with at home.
  • Extended family members’ visits, events, the food they enjoy, celebrations, children, and pets can all be sources of joy for elders.
  • Homecare service in Hyderabad is economical as compared to nursing home admission.
How does Life Circle provide the Best Home Care Services in Hyderabad?
  • Life Circle provides trained Patient Attendants in Hyderabad for Home Care Services.
  • Every Client gets a dedicated Nurse officer to guide the work of the Patient Attendant in Hyderabad. Life Circle Nurse Officers are Knowledgeable about patient conditions.
  • Life Circle provides prompt replacement in case of leave & absence of the Patient Attendant.
  • Life Circle Nurse Officers make regular home visits to check on the working of the Patient Attendant.
  • Life Circle’s terms and conditions and conditions for Home Care Services in Hyderabad are transparent. No hidden charges.
  • Life Circle Nurse officers make regular health check-ups of patients/seniors.
  • Life Circle Patient Attendants’ backgrounds are verified.
  • Life Circle provides a prompt response to Home Care Services in Hyderabad queries by having a dedicated support helpline.
Why should I choose Life Circle for Home Attendant for the Elderly in Hyderabad?
  • Team-based Service: Home Attendants and Seniors are supported by a professional team of experienced nurse officers, care coordinators and a network of medical support services.
  • No minimum fixed contract period for hiring a Home Attendant for Elderly: You can hire a Home Attendant for the Elderly for any period.
  • Life Circle’s Elder Care Services in Chandigarh: We care for elderly patients with dementia, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, visual/hearing impairment, Parkinson’s, and bedridden patients who use wheelchairs.
  • No fixed deposits for Home Care Services in Hyderabad: You only pay for shifts on which Health Worker works for you.
  • Provider of Best Home Care Services in Chandigarh: Life Circle provides over  10,000+ days of home care services every month.
  • Patient Care Services in Chandigarh provided in partnership with GROUPE SOS France: Partnered with GROUPE SOS France, Europe’s leading home healthcare provider, to provide European standard quality Elder Care Services in Hyderabad.

Vetted Home Attendant for Elderly in Hyderabad: All Attendants for the Elderly in Hyderabad undergo identity and criminal court verification before empanelment.

What is the process of taking Elder Care Services in Hyderabad from Life Circle?
  1. The Life Circle team would understand the Elder Care Services requirement of the Client. The Elder Care Services need to be discussed either personally or over a phone call with the client. Patient Care Services questions like Eg., Care needed: Post Hospitalisation care or Dementia care or Elderly Care. Skill, age, gender, the language proficiency of the Patient Attendant in Hyderabad
  2. Life Circle team identifies a suitable Patient Attendant based on the requirement stated by the Client.
  3. The Life Circle team shares the profile of the Patient Attendant with the Client.
  4. If the Client approves the Patient Attendant’s profile, a video interview is conducted.
  5. The patient Attendant’s placement gets scheduled. Life Circle, Nurse Officer, would accompany the Home Health Worker for starting the duty of Patient Attendant in Hyderabad.

During the Placement, the Life Circle Nurse Officer would prepare a “Patient Care Plan” to aid the Patient Attendant in Hyderabad in carrying out the duties.

I am engaging Home Nursing Services in Hyderabad for the first time. What points should I discuss with the Life Circle Representative?

Client engaging Home Nursing Services in Hyderabad for the first time should discuss the following points with Life Circle representatives:


  1. Patient’s condition: This would help the Life Circle representative suggest whether the patient would require Nursing Services at Home or Patient Attendant.
  2. Activities of Daily Living that need to be carried out by the Patient Attendant.
  3. Mobility assistance – use of wheelchair/walker
  4. Toileting needs of the Elderly
  5. Physiotherapy and exercise are needed for the elderly
  6. Engaging the Patient in meaningful activities
  7. Managing medication
  8. Nutrition and diet
  9. Challenges that Patient Attendants in Hyderabad may face because of the Patient’s condition.
What are the Clients responsibilities while availing of Homecare services in Hyderabad from Life Circle?
  1. Treat Home Attendant as professionals and not utilise them outside the scope of Elderly Care.
  2.  Keep Life Circle representative informed about any misconduct or failure on the Patient Attendant part.
  3.  Take full responsibility for the safety and safekeeping of the Elderly’s goods and belongings.
  4. Allow only Life Circle authorised personnel and Home Attendant for Elderly entry into the Patient’s home.
  5.  Register the Home Attendant for Elderly with the local police station as an additional precautionary measure.
  6. Not lend money or make unauthorised payments to Home Attendant or Life Circle staff.
  7.   Provide Home Attendant or Home Nurse with tools and equipment to carry out their job, including “Personal Protective Equipment” like disposable gloves, masks, apron, etc., to care for the Patient.
  8.   Inform your Home Attendant or Home Nurse and Life Circle representative, in writing, if the patient is suffering from any infectious disease like TB, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis. Any such condition can adversely affect the health of the Home Healthcare Worker or the Life Circle team.
  9. Provide immediate medical attention to the Patient Attendant, discussed any sickness or accident, and inform the Life Circle representative without delay.
  10. Not to keep the Patient Attendant against their wishes. Retaining a Patient  Attendant or Home Nurse against her wishes construes illegal detention. Only the Client will be responsible for any contingencies arising from the Client’s behaviour or any harm done to the Patient  Attendant or Home Nurse.
  11.  Provide food and accommodation and adequate rest to Live-in Patient attendants or Home Nurse.
What activities are carried out by the Home Attendant for the Elderly in Hyderabad?

The tasks that Home Attendant in Hyderabad  carry out are:


  1. Patient bathing
  2. Brushing teeth & Denture care
  3. Dressing & Grooming
  4. Diaper Changing
  5. Assisting with commode, bedpan, and urinal
  6. Oral, Ryle’s Tube, and Tube Feeding assistance
  7. Repositioning bed-bound patients to help prevent bedsores
  8. Walking Assistance & Falls prevention
  9. Assisting with oral medication
  10. Cleaning / Changing Patient’s Clothes
  11. Assist in physiotherapy/daily exercises.
  12. Nail Care, Hair Care
  13. Checking Temp., BP, and Glucose level
  14. Basic food preparation for the Patient (Dalia, Khichdi, Tea, Milk, Bread, boiled egg, etc.).
  15. Recreational Activities
What activities are provided under Home Nursing Services in Hyderabad?

The activities that are provided under home nursing services in Hyderabad are :


  1. Blood Pressure Monitoring
  2. Blood sugar check
  3. Home Nasogastric tube feeding
  4. Injection
  5. Insulin administration
  6. Oxygen Administration
  7. Tracheostomy care
  8. Urinary Catheter care
  9. Wound dressing
  10. IV Cannula Care
What kind of Patient Care Service in Hyderabad should you choose for your elderly loved one?

Based on your requirement, you can choose between a “Live-in Patient service in Hyderabad” or a “Live-out Patient care service in Hyderabad” based on your need for the patient.


Live-in Patient Care Service in Hyderabad :

  1. The Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse stays round the clock with the Patient, but working hours are limited to 8 hours per day.
  2. The Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse lives in the home of the Patient and provides dedicated one-on-one Care.
  3. Food and stay to the Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse provided by the patient/family.
  4. Flexible work timings of the Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse. Depend on the need of the Patient.


Live-out Patient care Service in Hyderabad:

  1. The Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse was expected to stay up to 10 hrs with the Patient, but working hours were limited to 8 hours per day.
  2. The Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse operates out of their own home or hostel.
  3. The Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse may take Care of one or multiple patient care
  4. The Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse daily commutes to the Patient’s place.
  5. Food carried by the Patient Attendant or the Home Nurse.
What can I expect from Life Circle once I start Nursing Services at Home in Hyderabad?

You can expect the following services once you start taking Nursing Services at home in Hyderabad from Life Circle :


  1. Trained and certified Patient Attendant or Home Nurse,
  2. Knowledgeable Nurse supervisors and company staff,
  3. Prompt replacement in case of leave & absence of the Patient Attendant or Home Nurse,
  4. Regular visits by Nurse supervisors to check the condition of the Patient and the working of the Patient Attendant or Home Nurse,
  5. Transparent terms and conditions of engagement,
  6. Health check-ups of patients/seniors,
  7. Background verified Patient Attendant or Home Nurse,
  8. Prompt response to your queries by Life Circle
Why are your rates higher than the local agencies that provide Home Care Nursing Services in Hyderabad?

Unlike a local agency providing Home Care Nursing Services in Hyderabad, Life Circle is a professionally run organization that offers reliable service. Specifically,

  1. All our Home Attendants are trained and guided by Life Circle Nurse Officers during the engagement period. The Home Care charges include the cost of training and coaching the Home Attendant at the Patient’s home.
  2. Nurse Officers and the Quality department make regular home visits and phone calls to check the quality of service provided by the Home Health Worker.
  3. All Home Attendants undergo identity and criminal court verification, so they are trustworthy and reliable.
  4. Life Circle invests in training Home Attendant before the start of any new engagement.
  5. Life Circle maintains a dedicated support line to assist existing Clients.

Life Circle provides prompt replacement of Home Attendant by maintaining a dedicated bench list of nurses and Home Attendants.

What is the Role of a Life Circle Nurse Officer in improving Elder Service in Hyderabad?
  1. Nurse officers of Life Circle train the Patient Attendant in Chandigarh on Homecare activities.
  2. Nurse Officer guides education and supports the Patient Attendant in Chandigarh to build Patient-specific knowledge, skills, and attitude.
  3. During a visit, the Nurse Officer checks the Patient’s vital signs, solicits feedback from the Patient or the family and the Patient Attendant in Chandigarh.
  4. The feedback informs us of the Patient’s progress, care provisioning gaps of the specific Patient Attendant in Chandigarh and the relation between the Patient, their family and the Home Attendant. We use these inputs to make necessary changes: to guide, educate, support the Home Healthcare Worker.
  5. The visit is crucial to keep the Patient Attendant in Chandigarh motivated and meet the Patient’s care needs.
What is the age group of Patient attendants in Hyderabad that you provide? Are they experienced at such a young age? Are they matured enough to handle the responsibility of a sick person?
Our Patient Attendants in Hyderabad are mainly in the age group of 20-25 yrs. However, they start the job at a very young age of 18-19 yrs. Patient Attendant in Hyderabad undergoes training to service the elderly with a lot of compassion and are service-minded. Many of the Patient Attendants in Hyderabad are Certified Nursing assistants.
Do you provide female Patient Attendants for male Patient Care Services in Hyderabad?

We do provide female Patient Attendants for male patients. In such cases, we give only senior spatient attendants as they are more mature and sensitive to handle any situation. To ensure the female Patient Attendant’s safety, we ask female family members where the Patient stays.

Do you provide Patient Attendant for Patient Care Services in Hyderabad specific religion or caste?
We do not provide a religion or caste-specific Patient Attendant. But we try to give a suitable Patient Attendant who is well skilled to provide Care as per the Patient’s medical condition.
Do you conduct a COVID-19 test before placement of a Patient Attendant in Hyderabad?
We do conduct a COVID-19 test before placement. The Client bears the actual cost of the test.
Do you provide medical equipment for rental or sale?

We deal in the rent and sale of Medical Equipment on a pre-order basis.

Our representative would train and guide you on the usage of the equipment.

Do you provide Doctor calls and Physiotherapist services in Hyderabad?

We provide online consultations and Doctor Call services.

Online Consultations by MD Pulmonologist, Neurologist and Cardiologist. MBBS doctors and Physiotherapists can do home visits.

Do you provide Hourly Nursing Services at Home in Hyderabad?
We provide hourly service depending on the availability of Nurse at Home. Please call our helpline number, and we would get back to you after checking the availability.
Do you provide Home Care Service outside the cities mentioned on your website?
We provide service depending on a suitable Home Attendant or Nurse who can work in that location. A video call Assessment is needed to understand the requirement and introduce the Home Health Worker to the Client. Travel expenses up and down to be borne by the Client. Unfortunately, we can provide only long-term Home care service (more than a month) to outstation clients.
Do you provide Home Attendant to do Home Nursing Care in Hyderabad?

We do not provide Home Attendant for nursing requirements as Home Attendant is not adequately qualified in Nursing Services. Therefore, home Attendants can only do Non-Nursing Care.

Do you provide Home Attendants to do domestic work in Hyderabad?
Home Attendants performs duty only to care for the Patient and her surroundings. Examples of jobs that a Home Attendants may do are the Patient’s room cleaning, toilet cleaning, mopping, dusting, washing the Patient’s utensils, preparing soup/tea for the Patient, etc.
Can a Home Attendant look after two elders?
We provide one Home Attendant for one Patient as sometimes assistance is required by both seniors at the same time. In such a situation there are chances of an accident like fall etc. Moreover, due to work pressure, the Home Attendant may fall sick looking after two seniors round the clock.
Do you provide uninterrupted service for the long term with the same Patient Attendant in Hyderabad?
We do try to provide uninterrupted services with the same Patient Attendant in Hyderabad. Still, sometimes in situations beyond our control, we may have to replace and provide alternate options. Therefore, we have leave and a replacement policy, and we provide a replacement if the Patient Attendant leaves.
What kind of Patient Attendant background verification do you do before empanelling with Life Circle?

All Patient attendants in Hyderabad patient undergo the following checks before empanelment with Life Circle.

  1. Government-issued Identity: The Health Worker is required to submit one or multiple ID cards for verification. The ID cards could be Aadhar cards, PAN Card, Voter ID cards, etc.
  2. Identify Card Verification: A third-party agency verifies the Government-issued ID card to check for authenticity.
  3. Reference check: All Health Workers have to provide two references. Both of these references get verified before empanelment.
  4. Court Record Verification: The ID details of the Health Workers get cross-checked with Indian court records.
  5. Bank Account Verification: The bank account of the Health worker gets verified before empanelment.

Profiles of nurses and caregivers

Life Circle team in Hyderabad

Puneet Kapoor

Sarath Kumar

Business Head(South)

Anant Kumar

Ananth kumar

Managing Director


Home Care

Very much satisfied with the service of Dhanalakshmi and Suresh. Thank you, Life Circle, for the immediate response and for providing the best home care support team for my parents.


home nursing care to the patient

Patient name Lalitha care giver byula rendered good home nursing care to the patient with dedication we wish them a better future. nurse manager visits were very helpful to us. thank you Life Circle

Mr. Raj Shekar

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