Most Nursing agency restrict their roles to placing a Home Attendant. The family itself, has to manage and train the home attendant.

Not Life Circle Senior Services !!

For every patient, Life Circle brings together a care coordination team to support the family and the Home attendant. A Life Circle Nurse officer leads this team. A Nurse Officer is responsible not only for the patient’s initial assessment but also for continual and ongoing well-being.

Role of a Nurse Officer

Based on the initial assessment of the elderly patient’s requirement, a Nurse Officer is responsible for placing a perfect match caretaker as per the specific needs of a patient.

Nurse Officer also prepares a Patient Care Plan that includes the medication plan, meals plan, exercise, massage, recreation, and daily routine. Nurse Officer takes the patient’s vitals on his/her periodical visit to ensure the well being of the patient. Nurse Officer also compassionately address any concerns the patient or the family might have regarding the service or the home attendant’s conduct.


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