There is time tested ways by which seniors who are isolated at home with limited or no exposure to the outside world, leaving them afraid, stressed, sad, depressed, and lonely during the COVID pandemic can alleviate their fear and stress. To relieve the stress of the elderly during COVID-19, Life Circle attendants and home nurses are being trained to not only provide compassionate home care but also advised to follow these strategies to relieve the stress of the elderly. 

1. Be outside: It might mean pulling up a chair and sitting outside on the balcony or a porch. Some Sunshine and blue skies can work wonders on their mental health. Studies have shown that being in the sun reduced stress for the elderly.

2. Exercise: Stretching or even a walk, in the residential society, can destress elderly folks.  Even enrolling them in an online class of their preference helps in relieving the stress of the elderly during COVID-19.

3. Socialize Conversations with others maintaining social distancing or online calling family and friends alleviate the feeling of social isolation.

4. Be mindful: Meditation helps manage stress. There are apps for guided meditation. Life Circle caregivers can help seniors to download these on their smartphone and encourage them to practice regularly

5. Medication: Make sure they take the prescription medicines diligently and undergo the prescribed therapy. Facilitate online consultations, and sample collections, if they are due for medical review.

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