My mother is bed ridden since last 8yrs and whenever I needed help from life circle they never said no either for long term or short term. I think we cannot judge a ome attendant bad or good, it all depends whether that care taker will be fit for our patient or not. They are certain time certain care taker don’t fit for us but they fit for some other patients. So it’s not easy to find a right person, if we find also they keep changing. Similarly it’s the same with the service provider some time they get good nurse/care taker, sometime they don’t. So it’s all about luck. However I am very much happy with the life circle services. They tried to provide the home care services within their best capabilities. I took their services couple of times for my mom and also recently we took services for my brother in law surgery – hospital assistance. Last but not the least Mr. Pandu Ramavath is my go to person for all the time. He ensured that client gets the best service. All the best to life circle and God bless you all ?