In these times of pandemic, due to a decrease in engaging activities for seniors, (missing morning and evening routine strolls in the park, running a quick errand) they are losing the purpose and interest in life. As a consequence the motivation for taking medication has come down. Missing the medication has serious consequences on older individuals. Maintenance medications are often used to control conditions even when a person has no noticeable symptoms. Taking them every day is the only way to stay healthy and avoid more serious side effects. For instance, uncontrolled blood pressure typically will not make you feel bad, but missing the daily dose of BP medication increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Hiring a professional in home caregiver / caretaker through an accredited agency like Life Circle Senior Services at Hyderabad is another excellent way to better ensure medication compliance. These caretakers remind seniors of the importance of medications. The caretaker also helps the elderly to take the right medicines in the right dosage at the right time as per the prescribed care plan. This level of support is often invaluable and empowers seniors to remain healthier and happier as they continue to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Ten Things To Look At An Elderly Health Care Service Agency Near Me Before Hiring Them.

  1. Trained and certified caregivers(caretakers) and nurses,
  2. Knowledgeable Nurse supervisors and company staff,
  3. Prompt replacement in case of leave & absence of caretakers,
  4. Regular visits by Nurse supervisors to check the condition of the patient,
  5. Transparent terms and conditions of engagement,
  6. Health check-up of patients/seniors,
  7. Background verified caregivers (caretakers) & nurses,
  8. Prompt response to your queries by the agency,
  9. Experience of running a home health care agency, and
  10. No minimum fixed contract period: You can engage caretakers for any period.


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