There might come a time in your life when you must decide as to whether you should opt for home care for an ailing elderly loved one or for an old age home.

We outline the benefits of homecare.

  • Seniors are more comfortable in their own homes due to the familiar surroundings and the attachments they have to them.
  • Even in cases of advanced dementia where communication is not oral, the presence of a loved family member makes a lot of difference.
  • In a home care setting, the relationship between the caretaker and the senior can be one on one, customised and supervised by a family member.
  • Seniors can remain active and independent as they would have many activities that they are familiar with.
  • Extended family members’ visits, events, food they enjoy, celebrations, children, pets can all be sources of joy for elders.
  • In-home care is economical as compared to an old age home admission.

Home care may not be feasible in some cases:

  • When the elderly needs 24/7 medical attention and specialised supervision of doctors.
  • When there is no family member to supervise the care.
  • When the relation between the elder and the family is irrevocably strained and staying together is causing more stress than staying away from each other.


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